Variables are containers used to store values.
They are declared (made) with the keyword var : var myVar; The name myVar points now at the empty container .
A value is assigned to the variable with the operator = , var myVar = "Hinemoa";.The value is now stored in the container.
The name of the variable has to be a unique identifier so we can find the right container and retrieve the value.
The rules for variable names are:

  • start with: a letter, _ or $.
  • can contain: letters, _ or $ and numbers.
  • case sensitive: myVar is not the same name as myvar.
Correct Examples $total _sum, firstName, x, printjob3
Wrong Examples 6job, &total, my-name, phone@work

Variable names can be used in operations : x=3 y=7 z = x + y
Existing Variables can change data types: var X=new specialObj('John',21) ; X = 'hello'. X now contains the String 'hello'. The container with the specialObj() still exist, but can't be retrieved and will be collected by the garbage collector.

  • declare assigncreate unique identifier that points at the variable container and store value
  • variable nameshave to be unique and comply with rules
  • operationsvariables names can be used in operations

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